Sunday, November 27, 2011

Listen to the Silence

After several months of quietude, I'm sure many of the wanderers that happen on this blog may wonder if it has slipped into that limbo zone of non-renewal. I must admit that to some degree that it has. However this is not because I have abandoned it. No, not at all! As my writing life evolves I am, I think, learning what works for me. And in my writing life that means following the muse that's talking.

During my 'time off' from this blog, I have written several stories. This was very good and productive work and has helped me to finally decide to
make the leap to starting a novel. I will post my stories here on a separate page so ya'll can read it. The novel... well I'm afraid that it is going to continue to consume my writing time at least into the next year. Pray for me to do a good job because I'm planning on going for publication!

As I have news, or updates I'll post them here too. Sadly I must ask for patience with more silence. Please remember though, this is productive silence. Sort of like those moments when you realize your toddler is not making any noise and you discover him flouring the entire living room because he decided to play doughnut! It'll be good, and I'll be back as soon as I can. Til then check out my stories either on profile at  Goodreads or here on my fiction page...which I need to go make now...and might take me another day or too. (^_^)

The above lovely image. Courtesy of Eliza Xyz.

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