Thursday, July 7, 2011

Independence Day

I was wrong. Lordy was I wrong. Strep did not leave our house, but rather slid under the bannisters and wrapped itself in the warm corners of our skin waiting for a moment of over-extended of summer fun. When conditions were right it spilled into the opening created by minor sunburns and not enough sleep to explode all over the backs of several baby tonsils. No number of salt water washes would flush it out and I lost another two weeks to doctor visits and ice cream pampering. I loathe you Strep. I will not forget this summertime attack. Your relatives are not safe.

Um...Oh yeah! Despite that we did manage to get out to see fireworks with
all the beauty of this lovely photo by Anna Cervova. This beauty contrasted with the misery of sore throats, does make for a nice juxtaposition from which to reflect on independence. We are lucky. For the moment we have again wrenched free from our bacterial overlords. We have been able to enjoy our local pool without even the slightest hint of polio, and there has not been an outbreak of yellow fever in these parts in over a century, maybe even two.

Of course these victories and the others we more typically think of this time of year have been hard won by prior generations. Also there are still large swaths of the world fighting these same battles. Yes, we do have a struggles, but there is still so much to be thankful for. I think it's great excuse to get out there and help out. Community garden and Kiva here I come!

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