Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Sounds like a step in a relationship cycle doesn't it? Somewhere after pre-engagement but before marriage. It's not that. Any of you all remember living in a small town? Or say (like me) remember watching something like that on TV? Cohousing is a planned effort to create that same supportive community environment in a small neighborhood setting. On its face it is sort of an odd notion. Building a group of houses around the idea of a proverbial campfire, with
neighbors coming to know each other through communal meals... you almost expect a hippie to come bury you with flowers just thinking about it. And yet happiness research suggests that what we really need is not another tub of chocolate syrup or to win the lottery, but people.

Cohousing as a concept comes from the happiest place on Earth, Denmark. Even CNN and Forbes don't argue that the Danes are doing something right over there. Is cohousing part of the key? I can't say for sure, but as someone who is raising 4 kids without any family even in long range artillery distance I find this idea shockingly attractive! The good news is that there is going to be a conference in DC in two weeks for anyone ready to get on board. You might even get to hear the lady who chucked me this pearl speak. Tally a second blessing from my church community garden experience. 

What if you can't move though? I saw it too, that hippie came back and he was blowing this idea like a soap bubble. As much as I'd like this idea to catch on, my current reality is that I can't pull this off for myself unless I can somehow manage to get little armored cars to fall from the sky, preferably crushing my current house. So while I'm waiting for that special rain dance to work, I'll spread the word about this idea, and invite my current neighbors to dinner.

Image courtesy of Idea Go. Thanks Guys!

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