Monday, May 23, 2011

Free Food!

It's quite a busy week here. I have spent a fair amount of time reading and writing off-box in addition to doing battle with pricker weeds out back, and on the hill, and in the front and give me that flame thrower right now! ... Ok...yes...I'm breathing....So it has been a time filled with much work, but I have emerged from the jungle with a nugget of wisdom, and it's one you can eat. 

Now I am sure that everyone knows that if you put in a little time and effort you can do a fair bit to feed yourself with a few seeds and some good dirt. But when is the last time you really thought about getting your hands dirty with this business? I'm not gonna harp, but ... just consider the potential.
What you see above is the new community garden at my UU Church. The congregation started it this year and we will be giving away all the produce to the local emergency pantry.

That's not the only way to be wicked cool and helpful. For example there are the guerrilla gardeners. Were I living anywhere urban there is an idea I would love to emulate. Think of it. Illegal gardening. It is a worthy hobby based on oxymoron alone. And yeah, I know what you are thinking...we'll get to that later. For now just come on, grab a shovel, and let's make some dinner!


  1. I love the idea of guerilla gardening! I wanted to start something along the lines of guerilla...reading I guess it would be. Where you leave copies of books that you love around on busses or in other public areas. You could leave a little note explaining why it was left there and to pass the book on when you're done for others to enjoy. It would be like a guerilla library I guess is a better term :-)

  2. That would be fun. Years ago I wanted to make photocopies of poems and put them up in bathroom stalls to cover graffiti. Makes you think about the ideas you could encourage with words. :)