Friday, April 22, 2011

Saving Grace

You have had a crappy day. You know the kind.  Your dog left you in debt for another family with leather cushions. Your boyfriend just told you he's going back to the sister wives you never knew he had. Your team lost in overtime, Game 7 in the Stanley Cup Finals. Oh god... *sob*

We all know the pain.

Yes, you could cocoon in a well ventilated panic room with a pint of soft butter and a tub of fresh red wigglers... however, there is an alternative. Recently I had the pleasure to stumble upon the
delightful flick Saving Grace, the movie mind you, not the TV show.

Yeah, I was down. I had taken a beating by the world, but this... this outrageous silly movie kept my head out of the panic room. I even put the spoon down and laughed!

Set in a small English town the story follows a woman who discovers that in death, her husband was not at all the man she thought he was, and good lord she needs to get some money fast! Good thing she is a terrific gardener, 'cause we all know what a good gardener can grow. ;)

I don't want to spoil the fun with more details, and you certainly don't have to go through this amazon link to find this movie, but if you are in need of just this kind of boost, or enjoy a good anglophile fix, by all means check out this oldie by goodie. This is going into my permanent library!

By the by, I think this is twice in one week for posting. I guess it is the good wine. I know I said that I was going to start on a regular schedule, and I'd love to say that it will be twice a week, but if I am being honest I have to say that I work in spells. On and then off. I do hate though to disappoint, so I will endeavor though to be consistant... just for you. but I'm shooting for once a week, so please enjoy the slush when I'm on an upswing, but have patience when I'm not.

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