Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wanna Get More Liberty? You Have the Power Voter

Today North Carolina is voting on what constitues a marriage.

How heady, to think that a simple majority can decide such a question for everyone. As voters we have come to enjoy our collective power to dictate what is moral and just to all those simpletons who have the audacity to disagree with our world view.

Love the environment, love animals, love each other, spend your money to fix this problem...no wait...that one...no both...right now! And do it the way I think you should, your ideas, your wisdom, your perspective and your hardship don't matter because I know best how this should be done. This is who we have collectively become.

Does North Carolina have the right to define marriage... Does such a question even matter when we clearly allow them the power? Why have we become a nation of individuals that must validate ourselves through governmental mandate?

We were intended to be a nation that embraced freedom and liberty, a nation that openly allowed the pursuit of happiness by multiple avenues. But what room is there for freedom in a country where everyone perceives himself the monarch of his neighbors choices? Now, in November, and always, how you apply your power matters. It is within our purview to set each other free. What are you going to choose?

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